We have an experienced team of scientists and researchers evaluating small molecules that may be utilized as potential treatment options for back of the eye diseases. This work often entails developing a suspension formulation for delivery into the suprachoroidal space via our SCS Microinjector. Suprachoroidal delivery of a new suspension could provide targeting, compartmentalization and durability advantages over topical or intravitreal delivery, similar to what we observed with XIPERE and CLS-AX.

Once a formulation is confirmed, we proceed with conducting non-human studies until enough data is collected to warrant submitting an IND for such a product candidate.


  • Improved safety profile, through compartmentalization in the suprachoroidal space
  • Enhanced efficacy, through drug levels at affected tissues
  • Extended durability

Preclinical Data Supports Durability Potential of Small Molecule Suspensions Delivered into the Suprachoroidal Space

SCS Microinjector® Expands the SCS Circumferentially and Posteriorly to Deliver Drugs to the Macula

  • A natural pressure gradient exists such that IOP > Anterior SCS Pressure > Posterior SCS Pressure
    • This gradient drives injectate towards the lower pressured posterior SCS
  • OCT images demonstrate expansion of the SCS after injection, including the macula SCS in humans
  • Suprachoroidally injected drug levels are similar peripherally and centrally in the retina and SCS in a preclinical model

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