Our proprietary SCS injection via the SCS Microinjector® targets the suprachoroidal space to deliver therapies to the back of the eye where sight-threatening disease often occurs.

The following videos are taken from actual patient injections and may be considered graphic to some viewers.

Each procedure is performed by an ophthalmologist trained to administer SCS injections via the SCS Microinjector®. These videos are intended to be an introduction to the SCS injection and are not intended for training or teaching purposes.


The SCS Microinjector® is not approved or cleared for use as a standalone device and is not otherwise available for sale as a standalone device. It is only available as the device constituent of an approved product and is in development for use with investigational treatments.

This unique procedure is designed to be performed in a non-surgical setting, similar to other in-office ocular injections. The SCS injection procedure should be carried out under controlled aseptic conditions and should include the use of appropriate anesthesia. Training on the SCS Microinjector should be completed prior to use.