Clearside Biomedical’s suprachoroidal injection platform is a novel, patented approach for delivering pharmacotherapy to the back of the eye via the suprachoroidal space (SCS®). When fluid is injected between the choroid and sclera, the elasticity of the SCS allows the fluid to spread spherically toward the posterior regions of the eye where it is absorbed into adjacent tissue.

Our proprietary SCS Microinjector® is able to precisely administer drugs into the SCS utilizing a needle that is approximately one millimeter in length. This non-surgical method of administration facilitates more targeted delivery of therapeutic agents to chorioretinal structures and can be accomplished in an in-office setting.

With suprachoroidal injections, product candidates are more directly administered to the retina and choroid, limiting exposure to non-target tissues, such as the vitreous, as compared to other ocular drug administration techniques.



We believe treatment of eye disease via suprachoroidal injection of our product candidates may provide a number of potential benefits, including:

  • Non-surgical procedure
  • Lower frequency of administration

  • Limited exposure to non-targeted tissues

  • Faster onset of therapeutic effect

  • Improved safety profile


Our extensive patent portfolio provides us with exclusive rights to commercialize pharmacological agents for treatment of eye diseases via suprachoroidal injection. Our drug candidates, SCS Microinjector and method of drug administration into the SCS are protected by multiple U.S., European and international patents broadly directed to the use of the device, administration of any drug into the SCS by injection, as well as specific product candidates.