Targeted Drug Administration

Compartmentalization procedure is accomplished through Clearside Biomedical’s proprietary microinjection platform, which administers drugs directly to the suprachoroidal space.  The range of potential drugs that can be delivered is very broad and drug performance can be targeted to the posterior region of the eye.

Image 1
Imaging of fluid infusion into the suprachoroidal space.
  Brightfield microscopic images of a cross section of a frozen eye (a) showing normal ocular tissue (b) showing the delivery of sulforhodamine B (pink) between the sclera and choroid (i.e., in the suprachoroidal space) Scale bar: 500 μm.

Image 2
Effect of particle size on particle distribution in the eye.  Collaged fluorescence microscopy images of tissue cryosections show the delivery of (a) 20nm particles and (b) 1,000nm particles into the suprachoroidal space of pig eyes ex vivo.  The images show that 20nm particles spread in the suprachoroidal space and within the sclera.  However, the 1,000nm particles are primarily in the suprachoroidal space.  The insertion sites are magnified in the insets. Scale bar: 500μm.